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院校机构 机构类别 国家/地区 城市 分数 课程类别
York University - Keele Campus Education Canada Toronto 6.5 Engineering, Schulich School of Business
Yorkville University Education Canada Fredericton 6.5 Admissions
Alberta College of Pharmacists Professional Registration Canada Edmonton 7.0 General Requirements
Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador Professional Registration Canada St. John's 6.5 General Requirements
British Columbia Teachers Federation Professional Registration Canada Vancouver 6.5 General Requirements
Canada College Education Canada Montreal 6.5 Undergraduate Admissions
Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants Professional Registration Canada Toronto 6.5 Admissions (Full membership Exams)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada Education Canada Vegreville 0.0 IELTS
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