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IELTS Teacher e-newsletter – October 2016


We know that our e-newsletter is read and enjoyed by many teachers from around the country, and as regular subscribers, perhaps one or two of you have thought to yourself: “Hmm, I could write an article like that”. Well now’s the chance!

Do you have a lot of personal experience in teaching? Have great advice on how to deal with certain classroom environments? Have a range of best-practice methods for teaching certain skillsets? Have a load of ideas, tips and advice to help students improve? Then we would love to hear from you, particularly on the follow topics:

  • Identifying students’ initial needs and readiness to take IELTS
  • Identifying students’ initial on-going needs
  • Building test familiarity and test-management skills
  • Developing English skills
  • Overcoming knowledge gaps
  • Helping students to learn outside of the classroom

If an article is accepted, then it will be published here on the IELTS Teacher e-newsletter and the lucky author will receive an IELTS teaching goody-bag full of useful materials!

Articles should be sent to with the subject of “Article for IELTS teacher e-newsletter + your full name + your organisation”.



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